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We are leading the world

From the Silicon Valley to South America, Sarah Nolet has never seen anything more exciting than the boom of the Australian ag-tech industry in the past half decade. 

She’s only been in the country for six years, but in that time Sarah Nolet has been instrumental in the transforming Australia’s footing in the international Agtech industry. 

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Taking the leap to pursue a passion

Ginnie Hope-Johnstone didn’t grow up on a farm, although she always wished she did. She’s never really been an indoors-person, always chasing wide open spaces. 

Growing up in regional Western Victoria, however, it was always drilled into her that success was to get a degree and a good job in Melbourne. 

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Women in Australian Agriculture are paving the way

I feel fortunate that in my career so far in agriculture and more broadly in rural Australia, I’ve been surrounded by extraordinary people, many women, who have challenged and supported me. Our industry is a special place but we can do more to progress, and we all have a role to play.

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Traditions: when they help and when they harm

Corrina Wrights family have been growing vines at the family property in South Australia’s McLaren Vale for more than 175 years. From her childhood armed with an ice cream container on her head to protect her from swooping birds to nowadays with her kids now helping out on their school holidays.

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Finding the balance in change

Emma Germano is a household name in Australian agriculture. Her involvement in industry is as diverse as the road to how she got here, she’s the current president of the Victorian Farmers Federation, owner of the family farm and even has a startup AgTech company!

A little lesser known side of Emma is the journey and learnings along the way, from a restaurant on Bridge Road, buying out the family farm on the brink of losing it all, she’s lived on the edge and sometimes it’s found her a little too close for comfort!

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Coming Home

Many would say that the 641 kilometre distance between Sydney and Walgett is not the biggest factor that separates the two places. 

This divide is made up of vastly different career opportunities, or the ability or lack thereof to access things like healthcare services, coffee shops, beaches, apartment blocks, more than one grocery store within a 100 kilometre radius – that kind of thing.

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Championing Women in the Grains Industry

When Randall Wilksch was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship, his attention shifted to the lack of women in the grain industry.

Randall’s project took him across the globe looking at the role women play in farming businesses and how increasing the number of women in the Grains industry in Australia could transform how we think, how we speak and how we progress.

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