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Jordy and Julia Kay met several years ago in a bar. Since then, they’ve fleshed out plenty of business ideas together and the journey they’re on is having a global impact on one of our biggest threats – plastic waste.

Julia was an architect, her passion had led her to working on international projects that were creating spaces that could inspire people and make the world a better place through design. She began to obsess over the materials they were using to build these projects. She couldn’t bring herself past the amount of petroleum-based plastic wrap that was being used, even on low-carbon embodied projects.

She met her now-husband Jordy, who at the time was working on his own business growing and selling organic and biodynamic wines from South-West Victoria.

Their business, Great Wrap is revolutionising the products we use at home in our kitchens as well as pallet wrap, which, subsequently goes on nearly every product that’s produced ever, at some stage in its life.

Great Wrap takes potato waste and through a sophisticated process turns it into a cling wrap that can be used for keeping household items fresh and keep items that are placed on pallets together and dry during transport. Their product is completely home compostable, meaning that it will break down in the soil into carbon and water. 

I loved my time with them out at their factory in Tullamarine in Melbourne, I learnt a lot from them about start-up business, and the difference between the types of ‘degradables’, and left feeling so inspired by what these two have achieved and will go on to achieve. So inspiring!!

This episode of the podcast is part of our collaboration with EvokeAg throughout the series we’re chatting with the people who make our agrifood system so vibrant. Hearing their stories of innovation, their diverse backgrounds and why shaping the future of food is so rewarding.

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