Humans of Agriculture


David Kininmonth is the manager at Mount Hesse, an 8,000 acre Sheep property located at Winchelsea in South-West Victoria.

A fun fact about Dave is that he was one of the first people to give Oli a go in farming and over what has been nearly a 20 year journey, Dave continues to be a mentor and sounding board for Oli.

In this episode Dave shares from his perspectives what have been some of the fundamental stories and approaches that have shaped him as a person and as a manager.

Over the past 30 years Dave has been managing Mount Hesse, first for his family and for the past 20 years for Sudwolle Group, the world’s largest woollen millers.

Dave sees his role as a farmer as a custodian of the land and business and that he was to create a workplace that enabled his team to work on the day-to-day roles to achieve the dreams.

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