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Claire Maloney is the CEO and Founder of The Bravery, a communications and social impact agency dedicated to positive social and environmental change, grown from start-up roots to a thriving boutique agency.

Claire was part of the consumer and insights panel at the Australian Organic conference. During her talk she mentioned some research which her company had commissioned firstly looking at what issues are Aussies most passionate about and how to best wield ‘The Power and the Passion’. This led onto their second piece of work ‘who do you believe’ The work looked at which brands do Australians believe are truly making a difference in the sustainability revolution. Do they believe what they are seeing and hearing? Which brands are cutting through…

We chat about:

 – The number one issue Aussies care about is climate change
– The top 20 issues have very little variance between Boomers, Millennials and Gen Xers, however, of note is that mental health is in the top 3 for young Aussies. 
– 86% of Aussies are sceptical about the claims that brands make.
– 3 in 4 Aussies cannot name a brand that is taking action on environment or social causes.
– The top 10 brands that Aussies think are taking action might blow you away!

To be honest, the companies that the average consumer saw as sustainable was pretty interesting and eye opening.. I sat down with Claire to find out more about the Bravery, their work in the communications and social impact space and how she hopes to create change and have an impact through her work. 

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