Humans of Agriculture


The Mort’s family history in Australian agriculture goes back to the early days of Thomas Mort, Thomas was a pioneer and led some of the first exports of Beef from Australia. Today Charlie Mort is the founder and Executive Chairman of mort & Co, one of Australia’s largest private beef businesses.

Starting his career in the Stock and Station agency game, Charlie moved across Queensland for roles with Prime Ag that later became Elders. As the drought hit in the early 1990s, an opportunity came up to begin lot feeding cattle.

A bloke from Muttaburra called and assumed Charlie was the expert in lot feeding. Once he got them onto feed successfully, Charlie let him know that it was his first time, and well it’s safe to say that Charlie has since well and truly earnt those credentials today.

Starting Mort & Co in 1997, Charlie sought out the support of others who could help him turn his dream into a reality. Building the business piece by piece into the diversified business it is today.

Charlie certainly has ridden many of the highs and lows, today his vision for the business continues to see it innovate but it all comes back to getting the right people in the right seats to bring it all together.

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