Humans of Agriculture


Ben Barlow has always been around agriculture, his earliest memories come from being around the family farm and he remembers fondly the importance of hard work from his early years.

Upon finishing his university degree, Ben was encouraged to get away from the farm and so he pursued an opportunity to become a bank teller in Mildura, an area that he would go to excel at and have various executive roles both in Australia and in the United States.

There was never any doubt that Ben would stay involved in agriculture, he says “It doesn’t leave you”. His interests have seen him take a small holding of just a couple of thousand acres up to tens of thousands of acres across Western NSW.

Ben mentions several mainstream global issues such as carbon, soil fertility, lack of water, lack of arable land and a growing world population as key areas where agriculture intersects with them and can be a solution.

On a trip to Israel several years ago, while looking at water technology, Ben came across biologicals and he decided to extend his trip to learn a little more.

After arriving back in Australia, he found three companies in the space. Fast forward to today and he has the majority interest and is the Managing Director of New Edge Microbials. So if you want to know more, check out the full episode and if you’d prefer to watch this episode then head to our YouTube Channel.

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