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This week we’re sitting down with a man who is a huge advocate for Mental Health, while we’re on that topic – if you haven’t donated to our Movember page – check it out with the link HERE

Brendan Magee is an agronomist with Elders and he reckons his little pocket of Beaudesert in Qld could well be one of the greatest spots to be in Australia.

Brendan’s journey is certainly an interesting one from working with race horses, before returning to the agriculture industry where today he loves spending his time in the paddock, so much so that he joined us from the paddock for this chat.
Brendan understands the challenges with farming in Australia and wants to see the conversations around mental health shift. He’s doing his fair share too, he is part of the Elders Wellbeing Committee, which includes the Mental Health Monday initiative while taking an active role in chatting with his colleagues and clients around the importance of being mentally healthy.

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