Humans of Agriculture


Olympia Yarger’s life so far is one that you can’t really imagine. She cut her teeth on the Monaro as a wool classer, experienced tragedy, ran away to the Northern Territory, become a horse trainer in Texas, fell in love with a US Marine, helped families find new opportunities, started a business and achieved a lifelong ambition to be a farmer. Her constant has always been to learn and find a way to do things better.

After losing her first child in her early twenties, Olympia packed up her life and headed to the Northern Territory. Here she found herself as the only female, working in an export yard and as only Olympia can do, she quickly became part of the crew and may have even surprised a few of the blokes!

After her stint up north, she packed her bags and headed to Stephenville Texas to begin working as a horse trainer. Living the dream as she helped train horses and travelled across the states. A dry county and needing a reprieve after a long day’s work, Olympia would jump on her pushbike and pedal the 6 miles into the Club where she was able to have a couple of beers before heading back to finish off her day.

After deciding there was more to America than horse training and after meeting her now-husband Eric, a US Marine, Olympia had a variety of roles including managing a tanning salon. At the time she couldn’t have been further from agriculture, but it’s some of these fundamental skills that have helped her in her role today.

Olympia was always determined to farm, and after a long way round, today she finds herself at the helm of a progressive and innovative farming business. Farming insects. In true Olympia fashion, she was learning on the fly 😉 and after a bit of a curvy journey she’s landed on feeding food waste to insects that in turn are able to be converted to a livestock feed, genius huh!

I loved this episode, sitting down on Ngunnawal country with Olympia. We had plenty of laughs and just an incredible conversation.

This episode of the podcast is part of our collaboration with EvokeAg throughout the series we’re chatting with the people who make our agrifood system so vibrant. Hearing their stories of innovation, their diverse backgrounds and why shaping the future of food is so rewarding.

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