Humans of Agriculture


We’re straight back into it after a few days on the Darling Downs in Southern Queensland, and we can’t wait to share what we were up to with you soon!

While we were up there we sat down with a few different people from Mort & Co, and the first one we’re excited to share our podcast with is Lily Bingham.

Lily is the Feed Commodity Officer and as she says, without knowing much about beef, has certainly found a business and area she’s passionate about.

Lily shares that both her dad and their farm manager have played a vital role in supporting her (and her sisters) while in her day-to-day work it has been people both at MSM Milling and now at Mort & Co have provided her the opportunity to learn and grow.

I hope you enjoy this chat and if you haven’t yet, head over to @humansofagriculture_ on Instagram to view our latest story!

Thank you to our weekly podcast sponsor, LAWD, the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions.

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