Humans of Agriculture


When you think of Humans of Agriculture you probably don’t think of a TV Producer, Director, or Cameraman but our next guest is just exactly that.

Tommy Lawrence has worked on some of the most iconic TV shows Australia has ever had from X-Factor to Bondi Rescue, but it is his love for Rural Australia and life in the top end that has seen him bring the stories of people from across Northern Australia to TVs across the world.

Tom spent his childhood in Darwin, whilst attending High school it was a film and media class that caught his eye. The only problem was that they thought his behaviour wasn’t quite up to scratch.

After giving an apprenticeship a go, Tom returned home to Darwin where he landed himself amongst the construction industry. Not long after, Tom had been playing with some mates cameras and decided it was time for the leap of faith and he headed to the Gold Coast for university which is just the beginning of this journey with the camera in hand. 

So far his work has seen him working on Territory Cops, Mega Truckers,  Outback Wrangler, Creating Outback Ringer, X-Factor, Bondi Rescue, and well there’s plenty more to come in the documentary space.

Tom’s first big job in Sydney after never being there before was on Australia’s most iconic beach, Bondi! He worked as a crew member on Australia’s most successful television show- Bondi Rescue

Check out his episode on your favourite podcast platform or via the player below!

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