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This week on the Humans of Agriculture podcast we’re heading back to share the story of an extraordinary family and Antola shirt ambassador.

Tiff Sayers is an incredibly strong woman, I walked away from this chat just in awe of her resilience and optimism. In this episode Tiff shares her journey and the story of her daughter Ava.

In March of 2021, Ava was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma only a month before her 8th birthday. For the past 12 months and for a further 6, Ava and her mum Tiff alongside sister Caitlin have been calling the Ronald McDonald House home.

The family left their home near Harvey Bay literally overnight they headed to the Ronald McDonald House and that’s been home for the past 12 months.

In this chat, Tiff talks about the world that has been the Ronald McDonald house and the bond that she has amongst the ‘Ronnie Mac Family’.

At the end of this episode, I sat down for a quick chat with Preshni Pillay from the Ronald McDonald House to find out more about their programs and their support.

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