Humans of Agriculture


Michael Patching is an Australian Veterinarian based in Singapore. With a Masters in Animal Welfare Ethics & Law from Edinburgh University, Patcho is driven by making change and having impact. Within animal welfare, he wants to see some basic, yet difficult changes occur and he see’s this as an obligation. 

Patcho grew up in the suburbs of Perth and from a young age knew that he wanted to be a Vet.

His career, may have well taken a secondary seat to his love of Rugby. Travelling the world as a semi-professional player his footy career took him to play rugby, and work as a vet in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and across Asia.

After completing his most recent studies, a Masters in Animal Welfare, Patcho headed to Vietnam where he took up a role with Meat and Livestock Australia. His career to date has been focused around improving animal welfare standards across the supply chain and Patcho is incredibly passionate about this.

This episode of the Humans of Agriculture podcast has been sponsored by LAWD, the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. To find out more about LAWD, head to

This episode of the Humans of Agriculture podcast was recorded on the lands of the Gadigal people and I’d like to extend our respects to the traditional owners, their care of the lands, air and water has enabled us to continue the stories of how these lands have connected people and place.

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