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Anna Speer has built her reputation as a business leader at the forefront of industry innovation and evolution; her ability to lead teams and implement change has seen her as the CEO of AuctionsPlus, Chief Operations Officer of Australian Agricultural Company and in her current role today as the CEO of Greenstock, the Red meat side of Woolworths where she is responsible for the Woolies networks supply of Beef, Lamb and Pork.  

But there’s a fair bit of the Anna Speer story that I certainly didn’t know. In this chat, we go beyond the day to day to understand more about the journey, the role of mentors, communication, professional development through the Australian Rural Leadership Program and more. This is the story from pony club kid, to ringer to today being Unashamedly Anna.  

In this chat we find out about Anna’s story but we also found out what was happening in the meat sections and behind the scenes during the pandemic.

  • Are the supply chains for big supermarkets sustainable
  • What does the first week as a CEO look like?
  • What have been the learnings at the centre of change in industries?
  • How has Anna approached communication, mentors and making the big decisions.

This episode of the podcast is part of our collaboration with EvokeAg throughout the series we’re chatting with the people who make our agrifood system so vibrant. Hearing their stories of innovation, their diverse backgrounds and why shaping the future of food is so rewarding.

This episode of the Humans of Agriculture podcast was recorded live on location thanks to Hope & CO in Hamilton on Gunditjmara country and extend our respects to the traditional owners for your care of the lands, air and water and recognize the importance of storytelling to connect people and place.

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