Humans of Agriculture


For more than 35 years Prue Bondfield and her husband David have forged an incredible partnership, it has seen them take their business ‘Palgrove’ from strength-to-strength.

Together, they’ve blazed a trail to show what is possible with a vision, dedication and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Having just recently completed the final stages of their succession plan which has seen the property sold to investors, Prue shares a little bit more on what is next for them.

In this episode, Prue goes behind the scenes on what her journey has been like. Prue shares about the transition out of the business that has been her and David’s life for so many decades.

  • Prue’s journey has certaintly not been straight forward, she’s held numerous roles in her career including as the inaugural chair of the Australia Beef Sustainability Framework
  • Growing up in Rural Queensland her early career as a solicitor certainly went against the grain
  • Later she moved into corporate roles before it was the love of a farmer that she met while at a BnS ball that kick started what has been an incredible career in agriculture to date
  • Teamwork has been the foundations of success for Prue & David.
  • Prue shares the thinking behind her career choices, finding passions, the importance of balance and that if you set your mind to it, then you can do just about anything!.

This episode of the podcast is part of our collaboration with EvokeAg throughout the series we’re chatting with the people who make our agrifood system so vibrant. Hearing their stories of innovation, their diverse backgrounds and why shaping the future of food is so rewarding.


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