Humans of Agriculture


Dione Howard wears many hats: a National Rural Ambassador, Vet and Young Farming Champion.

In high school she knew she wanted to be a doctor of sorts, the decision was whether she wanted to be a doctor of people or animals.

It came down to she was a whole lot more comfortable dealing with animal blood than that of humans. She walked out of university and began her work near Hay in south-western NSW, in the midst of the drought, followed by bushfires and ultimately a pandemic. It has seen her work varied but as she says, her job is to help keep animals safe and make sure on the ground they detect any potential disease or threats to Australia’s agricultural sector.

Our weekly podcast is sponsored by LAWD, the specialists in Agribusiness valuations and transactions. Our question this week, when was the last time Australian farm prices saw a decline? Check out our socials for the answer!

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