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Backing your industry

Bryce Camm is well known amongst the beef industry, his ability to challenge the status quo not just in his business but in the industry continues to progressive individuals, businesses and the whole sector forward.

For the love of life

This was only the beginning, but these two epitomise the word resilience took the only path they knew. As we explore their life together, you’ll learn a little bit more about the disappearing wedding ring, that even when faced with life and death they found something within themselves and each other to fight on.
It truly is an incredible story and I hope you enjoy it!

Moving with the times

When The Land Newspaper featured a photo of their best-performing ram, the industry’s reaction was one of shock. Today, wool-growers across the country are following their lead.

It’s not all clipboards and hard hats

Alex Thomas may never really know the true impact she’s having, but her approach is simple: get people home, alive, at the end of the work day.
She’s flipping the stereotype of hats and clipboards on its head when it comes to the conversations around Workplace Health and Safety.

That cycle stops with me

The red earth of Lamboo Station has been in Darrilyn’s blood for generations, but only recently has she been able to reclaim the right to manage it.

Lamboo Station sits on Jaru country in The Kimberleys, spanning about 361,000 hectares of sandy soil, ghost gums and paperbarks.

We are leading the world

Sarah Nolet came to Australia, with little understanding of the opportunities of Agriculture in Australia, in a short period of time she’s gone on to become a leading figure, advocate and enabler of Technology implementation in Australian agriculture.

How Agriculture has helped shape me

Dave O’Brien has a unique outlook on his career to date. At times, he’s found himself in limbo, unsure of what the next move may be. Once he entered agriculture he’s been able to really define who he is, what he is passionate about and where he wants to have an impact.

Growing for the Future

Simon Doolin is a 2020 Syngenta Growth Award winner, in the Sustainability category. Simon shares his passion for farming and how working with those closer to the consumer has helped motivate his team in the paddock.

Taking the leap to pursue a passion

Ginnie Hope-Johnstone didn’t grow up on a farm, although she always wished she did. She’s never really been an indoors-person, always chasing wide open spaces.  Growing up in regional Western Victoria, however, it was always drilled into her that success was to get a degree and a good job in Melbourne. 

From Torquay to Texas

Grace Cheatley grew up near Geelong in Victoria, a life in rural Australia not really on the radar but nowadays living in a small rural community she sees the opportunities that are there for the taking!

A long way from Diggers Rest

Sam Heagney is a passionate producer based at Mungindi in NSW. He’s not afraid from putting himself on camera to help educate and share the story and contribution that Australian cotton and grain make to helping feed and clothe people.

Zara’s Day

CW: loss of a child In November last year, the Boshammer family lost their baby daughter Zara to an extremely rare chromosomal condition called Pallister Killian Syndrome. It’s in her memory that Kate and Justin have worked to raise $150,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Qld Division) and the Steve Waugh Foundation.

An honest chat about awards and expectations

The Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award National Announcement is occurring on Wednesday the 20th of October. In the lead up to the award we sit down with previous winners Sue Middleton and Jo Palmer to talk about their businesses, their lives and the opportunities.

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