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An honest chat about awards and expectations

The Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award National Announcement is occurring on Wednesday the 20th of October. In the lead up to the award we sit down with previous winners Sue Middleton and Jo Palmer to talk about their businesses, their lives and the opportunities.

From Mallee Girl to Territory Woman

Olivia Borden’s extraordinary story started from the moment she was welcomed into the world. She inherited a love for the land and from a young age built as work ethic to be admired.
From a young carefree Mallee Girl to a Territory Woman her story takes many twists and turns and it truly is an incredible journey.

What doesn’t meet the eye, rests between
the ears

By Hugh Dawson If it doesn’t seem right, chances are it isn’t. As a civilisation, we’re currently living through the largest disruption to humankind since the Second World War. Most of our nation has been locked down within the confides of four walls and we have been stripped of the freedom we socherish as Australians.

Listen: Corrina Wright’s Story

Corrinna Wrights family history goes back more than 175 years in South Australia’s McLaren Vale. The Vineyards have always been home, from her childhood armed with an ice cream container on her head to protect her from the swopping birds to nowadays,  having her kids helping out in their school holidays.

Finding the balance in change

Emma Germano is a household name in Australian agriculture. Her involvement in industry is as diverse as the road to how she got here, she’s the current president of the Victorian Farmers Federation, owner of the family farm and even has a startup AgTech company!

A little lesser known side of Emma is the journey and learnings along the way, from a restaurant on Lygon Street, buying out the family farm on the brink of losing it all, she’s lived on the edge and sometimes it’s found her a little too close for comfort!

Coming Home

Anna Holcombe always had her heart set on being in the agriculture industry. Initially her careers counsellor discredited her ability to enter the industry, but nearly a decade later she’s showing what’s possible in the agriculture industry.

Championing Women in the Grains Industry

When Randall Wilksch was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship, his attention shifted to the lack of women in the grain industry. Randall’s project took him across the globe looking at the role women play in farming businesses and how increasing the number of women in the Grains industry in Australia could transform how we think, how we speak and how we progress.

Strawberry Farmers Create Opportunities Despite Lockdown

For naturopath Mandy Schultz and her husband Adrian, a horticulturalist and President of the Queensland Strawberry Growers Association, the past few years have been tough. 

Instead of backing out of strawberries the couple have sought out other ways to get their crops picked, their business thriving and connected with families each week as they open their gate.

Check on your wild mate

Shanna’s story begins – like so many others belonging to country children – with a desperate desire to be free of boarding school.

With her newfound liberation, she jumped at the chance to work with stock and to sit on a horse all day, and took a job as a Jillaroo.

The W.O.L.F of Aussie Beef

When Amanda Moohen landed her first job in the beef industry, she was one of only five women working alongside 100 men, now, she’s pulling more women into the male-dominated sector by simply sitting down and having a drink with them.

Green Eggs Video

We head out to Green Eggs, run by the Warner family this brother and sister combo are helping their family establish themselves in the egg industry and help support the next generation taking on the responsibility of the family farming business.

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