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Meet Oli

G’day! I’m Oli, and thanks for stopping by Humans of Agriculture. 

I’ve always been incredibly curious, you know, the kids that ask ‘why’… A LOT! These days I feel pretty lucky to still be asking ‘why’ but in the context of what a sustainable food system looks like.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with farming. But I didn’t grow up on a farm, in fact, like many Aussie kids home for me was on the edge of a capital city and not too far from the coast. 

I knew through school that I was going to be involved in Aussie agriculture, firstly I thought as a farmer – so I did that for a few years, working across Australia and even a stint in Canada.

I wanted to be involved further than inside the farmgate, and agribusiness had fascinated me. I begun my working career exporting asparagus of all crops mainly to Japan, then into an AgTech Start-up where we traced food from farm to fork.

I still wanted to know more and I landed a pretty cool gig at Global Table, the Asia Pacific’s largest AgriFood event focused on where my passion sat – creating a sustainable food system. 

In 2013 I wrote in an application, ‘my envisaged career is in agribusiness, particularly in marketing or operations. The future of Australian agriculture has a gap particularly in marketing to consumers and how consumers get their information. There is a need for transparency in practices and a need for education, it’s my intention to be an industry leader in this movement’.

And as the story goes… somehow my career has led me down this path.

In 2019, after being fortunate to meet some incredible young people I got the courage to create Humans of Agriculture, a platform that explores more about our food system from the people involved in it.

I believe that agriculture is a way to move towards a world that’s happier, healthier and more prosperous. 

So join us as we head out there and find out who are the people working towards that!

Thanks for coming on this journey!


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