About Us


We bring together the agriculture community to connect, discuss, learn, laugh, share and talk about their passion for what they do, one story at a time.


To connect with and share 10,000 stories of the people shaping our Food & Fibre system from Australia and afar.


With aspirations to learn the stories of 10,000 people, we will be:

  • Rolling up our sleeves and getting out
  • Learning about ALL the opportunities in agriculture, alongside you!
  • We’ll be having a lot of fun along the way


Founder – Oli Le Lievre


I’m Oli Le Lievre, the founder and the voice behind the podcast.

I’ve always felt like a farm kid, but like the majority of Australian’s I grew up not far from a capital city or the coast. I was lucky to spend school holidays at my uncles property where I never really felt like an outsider.

Not growing up on a farm, has led me to really explore the agriculture industry in Australia and overseas. From the asparagus marshlands of Koo Wee Rup to the Prairies in Canada, from AgTech startups to talking with global leaders in Food & sustainability.

The one thing that has consistently driven me is the incredible people in the industry. From Dave giving me a go as a young 12 year old in the sheep yards, to Brianna spurring me forward at 29. It truly is the people that make agriculture so special.

I’ve always been curious (sometimes I ask too many questions), but understanding how things work, how people think, and what a better future through agriculture looks like inspires me.

Humans of Agriculture is a journey, uncovering the hidden gems, the incredible stories of truly extraordinary people in a fun, authentic, unique and engaging way.