Humans of Agriculture


“We’ve been transporting animals all over the world for the past 25 years, the last few years especially have been tougher, especially with airfreight.

The reduced number of flights have seen us only getting access to about 1% of our normal freight space, which has been really challenging.

My interest in this side of agriculture really comes from a passion of mine, which is around logistics and that’s grown into a love of being able to move animals precisely and safely.

I feel very fortunate to have that passion and with our team the ability to ensure that we can deliver high-value animals to wherever they need to go anywhere in the world.

When we started off, it was about moving animals safely around Australia, and then that led to us to begin transporting animals overseas. Today we are a leader in moving animals all over the world, faster, safer and into brand new markets and areas.

Quite a few years ago, people kept coming to us and asking if we could move goats, and that begun our involvement in transporting livestock by air.

It’s certainly a unique industry and it took me a while to understand how the animals could best be transported and what they would need.

When we started, the majority of the goats were being transported as sea freight and it was only a small handful of specific breeding animals that were being sent by air.

They were generally part of a backload (a returning trip) from Sydney or Melbourne back into Asia and it was only two
animals here or four animals there.

That continued with just a handful of goats under passenger aircraft until it boomed.

When that happened we were getting specially chartered flights every Monday and Friday and we peaked when we were sending 70,000 goats a year from Australia into Asia.

After ten or so years of doing that the Australian prices began to become too high and the slow
down began.

The business today sees us taking all types of animals all around the world; sheep, cattle, goats, alpacas and working dogs.

The working dogs especially are a bit behind the scenes, many people don’t think about how the best working dogs get sent right around Australia or internationally to New Zealand as well.

It’s a great part of the job and one that’s special, we’re helping farmers get their next work mate and making sure that the farmers can continue the work they do with the right team by their side.”

Simon #HumansofAgriculture

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