Humans of Agriculture


Welcome to our FIRST Video Episode. You’re joining us as we start our journey taking you with us behind our food system.

Mort & Co is the vision of founder, Charlie Mort. Today, they are a vertically integrated Beef business selling their beef products throughout Australia and around the world. Their feedlot ‘Grassdale’ is Australia’s largest feedlot with capacity for more than 78,000 head of cattle on feed at one time.

We catch up with Charlie and his team to learn from them what happens in their day to day, why are cattle put in feedlots, what’s involved from an animal welfare perspective, what are they fed, how do they manage the environment and why people are so important to them and the broader sector.

You’re joining us on location across Southern Queensland as we catch up with Charlie, Stephen, Marcus, Caitlyn, Chelsea and Brad, to understand a little bit more about how, why and what’s involved in feedlotting cattle.

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