Listen: Corrina Wright’s Story

Corrinna Wrights family history goes back more than 175 years in South Australia’s McLaren Vale. The Vineyards have always been home, from her childhood armed with an ice cream container on her head to protect her from the swopping birds to nowadays,  having her kids helping out in their school holidays.

Corrina’s story like many others traverses many chapters from wanting to be a lawyer to then discovering her love for viticulture, which saw her take her studies to California to learn alongside some of the best minds globally.

We chat about the legacy that comes with such a strong history, the process behind creating their own brand and some of her learnings and mentors along the way.

Published by Oli Le Lievre

Oli is the Founder and creator of Humans of Agriculture. He's passionate about celebrating the diverse and vast opportunities in agriculture, one story at a time.

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