Wowee! I think a BIG thank you is in order. I’m usually the type of person that ticks something off, then is flat out running towards the next thing, but I thought I’d take a minute to acknowledge this milestone and say a quick thank you! But 50,000 downloads is so cool, thanks for coming on this journey!

Chatting with Al Mabin at Beef Australia in May 2021

For a few years I ‘Umm’d’ and ‘ahh’d’ about creating a podcast, then after 10 months of sitting on the idea, with a gentle shove and some wise words from Brianna Casey I got moving and decided to start a podcast, recording the first episode with Mark Labrooy of Three Blue Ducks.

The very first episode we released in Week 1 of lockdown in Victoria on the 25th of March 2020 and have gone on to produce 70 ‘official’ HoA podcasts, a couple of short series here and there. Moving locations, incorporating harvests, and something north of 40 weeks in ‘proper’ lockdown as I moved from Melbourne to Sydney…. it’s been a welcome distraction and kept me interested and sane.

I’ve always leant into each episode with a genuine interest and curiosity for the person I’m chatting to, their story and sometimes after reading about their background or chatting to them initially I’ve sometimes thought, ‘this person could help me answer that burning question that I am trying to understand for myself’. You know those decisions about careers, about following dreams, of understanding more about the world we are living in and the type of future others want to see….

I absolutely love hosting the podcast and the chance I get to chat with people each week. The chance (and sometimes pressure) to keep up that Wednesday episode, as Joel said to me mid last year ‘If I can set my watch to when the podcast is released, you’re doing it right’ and I think we’ve kept it pretty real on that – 5am Wednesday mornings 😉

So 50,000 downloads is a pretty damn cool milestone, it’s really special to be bringing together a community of people to celebrate agriculture, one story at a time.

To John and team at LAWD who came on as a sponsor earlier this year, thank you for the support. And to Alys who has come in and adds a whole new world of experience, perspective and skills – it’s getting exciting!

To the old friends that have tuned in, to the new friends made along this journey and the ones we’re yet to meet, thank you for being part of this!

I guess the time is coming for that next ‘shove’ and the next evolution of HoA to begin shortly… watch this space!

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Oli is the Founder and creator of Humans of Agriculture. He's passionate about celebrating the diverse and vast opportunities in agriculture, one story at a time.

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